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Rovista of Getz Pharma is chemically Rosuvastatin that belongs to a class of synthetic lipid lowering agents.

How Rovista Works

Rovista is a selective and competitive inhibitor of HMG-CoA reductase, the rate limiting enzyme that 3-3-hydroxy-3methyl glutaryl-coenzyme A to mevalonate, a precursor for cholesterol. The primary site of action of Rosuvastatin is the liver, the target organ for cholesterol lowering.

Available Strengths

Rovista is available in follwing three strengths;

  • Rovista 5 mg Tablets
  • Rovista 10 mg Tablets
  • Rovista 20 mg Tablets


Rovista is indicated to reduce blood cholesterol.


  • Rovista is contraindicated in patients allergic to any components of it.
  • Rovista is also contraindicated in patients with active liver disease including unexplained persistent elevations of serum transaminases and any serum transaminases elevation exceeding 3x the upper limit of normal.
  • Rovista is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation and in woman of child bearing potential not using appropriate contraceptive measures.


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