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Hepa Merz Dosage


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Hepa Merz Syrup

Adults: two table spoon full or 30 ml twice daily.

Children: one tea spoon full or 5 ml twice daily.

Maintenance Therapy

Hepa Merz should be taken as directed by your physician.

Hepa Merz Infusion Concentrate


  • In Acute Hepatitis: 1 to 2 ampoules daily.
  • In chronic Hepatitis and Hepatic cirrhoses: 2 to 4 ampoules daily.
  • In Hepatic Encephalopathy (mild to moderate): up to 8 ampoules within 24 hours.
  • Hepa Merz Infusion Concentrate can safely be mixed with conventional infusion vehicles. (infusion rate 5g per hour at the maximum)


  • No clinical data available below eight years of age.

Hepa Merz Granules

Hepa Merz Granules are available in palatable orange flavor, which can easily be dissolved in half a glass of water or juice.


One sachet of Hepa Merz Granules fully dissolved in half a glass of water or juice once or twice a day.

Maintenance Therapy

Take Hepa Merz as directed by the physician.


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